Bolt's Engraving sponsored the awards for the 2008 3DS Users Group annual technical competition.

3DS Users Group Press Release
3DSUG Announces 2008 Technical Competition Winners
3DS Users GroupWinners Recognized at the 20th Annual 3DS Users Group Conference
Costa Mesa, California - April 9, 2008 -
The 3DS Users Group (3DSUG) today announced winners of the 2008 3DSUG Technical Competition at the 20th annual 3DS Users Group Conference. The contest recognized the industry's outstanding applications of Stereolithography (SLA / SL) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS / LS) technologies.


Troy Kuhn and Thomas Sorovetz of Chrysler, LLC won first place in the Advanced Concepts category and Larry Monahan of Becton Dickinson won first place in the Advanced Finishing category.

"This competition is an
excellent opportunity for manufacturers, service bureaus and universities to feature their technical expertise and advanced uses of 3D Systems technologies," said 3DSUG chairman Sheku Kamara of Milwaukee School of Engineering. "It is a pleasure to recognize 3DSUG members for demonstrating some of the most advanced and innovative uses of SLA, SLS and 3D Printing systems in the industry."


The winners were selected by a panel of judges comprised of 3DSUG Dinosaur Hall of Fame members and presented awards at the 3DS Users Group Conference in Costa Mesa. The awards were sponsored by Bolt's Engraving. The winners also received admission passes to the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) RAPID 2008 Conference & Exposition.


Mark Horner of The Technology House was designated runner up in the Advanced Concepts category and Steven Kossett of University of Minnesota Northern Lights Technology Center was runner up in the Advanced Finishing Category. RJ Robinson and Charles Arvin of University of Kentucky Center for Manufacturing, Sam Firoozi of University of Minnesota Northern Lights Technology Center, Bret Bordner of Laser Reproductions, Kenny W. Rhodus of Lexmark International, Amelie Fournier of CreaForm received 3DSUG Technical Competition participation awards for their entries.


"It is an honor to receive such a prestigious award from an organization that consistently delivers research, education and support," said 3DSUG site coordinator Tom Sorovetz. "Having worked in the industry for more than two decades I can firmly say that this organization is as passionate and dedicated as it was 20 years ago. I'm looking forward to the next 20 years and the future advances in rapid technologies."


This year marked the 20th anniversary of the annual 3DS Users Group Conference. During the four-day conference, people attended technical presentations, participated in hands-on training sessions, met with manufacturers, suppliers and rapid prototyping service bureaus to increase the network of 3DSUG peers.

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3DSUG is a professional network of manufacturing engineers, industrial designers, product development specialists, SLA and SLS technicians. 3DSUG members are owners and operators of 3D Systems Corporation equipment who exchange technical information to help steer the direction of 3D Systems hardware and software development. The organization's annual users group conference provides a forum for the presentation of new technologies related to the operation of 3D Systems equipment and the secondary or final applications of parts and tools made from 3D Systems equipment. Sponsors of the 2008 3DSUG Users Group Conference include DSM Somos, Huntsman, NCP Leasing, Integra Services International, Solid Concepts, Curbell Plastics, National RP Support, RapidTech, Spectrum3D, Materialise Software, Paramount PDS, Applied Rapid Technologies, 3D Systems Corporation, Met-L-Flo, Valspar, Laser Reproductions, AIN Plastics, CreaForm, Bolt's Engraving, FineLine Prototyping, DPSS Lasers, Innovative Polymers, RPDG, Ramco, BJB Enterprises,, Acu-Cast Technologies, Clemco, CadmiumCD, Prototype Productions Incorporated, RePliForm, VacuCoat, Invest Cast and Rapid Sheet Metal. This year marked the 20th anniversary of the 3DSUG.

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